New fax number!!!

That fax number that has been serving us well, despite being a little weird with a different area code, is going away tomorrow and a new number is already in place! Please update anyone you know who may fax things to us (pharmacies, hospitals, labs, urgent cares, etc) with the new, current number: 734-864-0018.

Unfortunately, the old number has already been having problems for the past couple days and may not get further faxes in the future, so anyone who is still using the old number, 206-666-2989, should stop immediately and start using the new one (734-864-0018) now! There may be some faxes for medication renewals and labs and records that we didn't get in the past few days, and we have no way of knowing about things we didn't get.

In other news, we solved the problem over the past couple weeks of the contact forms not working, so everything should work fine now. As an added bonus, the web pages should load faster, too!